Sunday Soundtrack: Warpaint

For this week’s Sunday Soundtrack, here’s an offering by a all-girl band I’ve been listening to a lot recently.

I was lucky enough to catch them live at Glastonbury this year, and they were excellent.

Speaking of girl stuff (how’s this for a tenuous link?), I’ve been amused this week by the kerfuffle on various feminist blogs about a lawsuit by a guy named Tom Martin. He signed up for a masters in gender studies with the London School of Economics, but left after 6 weeks. Now he’s suing the LSE because….wait for it…he thinks there’s too much feminism in gender studies. He’s arguing that the course is sexist because it doesn’t talk enough about men.

Funny, I always thought that academics were supposed to love neglected areas of study or gaps in research, because that means they can write about it themselves and make their reputation. I might be missing the point though, as various people have pointed out that his action has more than a whiff of a publicity stunt about it.

Mr Martin is currently in fundraising mode if anyone fancies donating to his campaign. Personally though, I’d suggest to him that the money might be better spent on some tuition fees for a new masters course. If he thinks his arguments are so robust, then actually writing them down and publishing them in academic journals would be more productive (and a hell of a lot cheaper) than filing a frivolous lawsuit.


3 responses to “Sunday Soundtrack: Warpaint

  1. Like I said on stavvers blog, you can’t just ‘publish’ academic articles. They have to be supported by academics and peer reviewed. In a feminist-dominated department it is VERY difficult to write critically about feminism and positively about men/masculinities. I know. I tried.

  2. Hmmm, well I don’t disagree that every academic discipline has its orthodoxies, and I’m sure gender studies is no exception, but looking at that screenshot of his Twitter feed on the f-word page, I suspect that I can see the real issue.

    Just to quote a few tweets:

    “UK gov to consult ’til 2015 on paternity pay and leave, giving wannabe fathers enough time to invent the self-changing nappy.”

    “Rape claims to 999 up 9-fold since 1985. Hurts genuine victims. Women need separate emergency line to call when they HAVEN’T been raped. 666?”

    “Lily Allen’s song ‘It’s Not Fair’ complains of her man’s hair trigger, but Lily prematurely ejaculating foetuses is okay? Double standards!”

    I could concede that it’s possible that Martin was squeezed out by the Feminazi Stasi, but I’d suggest it’s more likely they just didn’t like his miscarriage jokes.

  3. that is a convenient way of looking at it, sure. But I was a feminist woman studying gender and I had a *very* hard time trying to write/research what I wanted, at phd level.

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